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Friday, May 18, 2012

ONLY in "Garland".......

Jared and I both grew up in small little country towns. Through the years each of our families would make fun of the funny things you see in the town. The "redneck mustaches" to the free roaming pigs in someones front yard. At family get together we started this thing when Jared's sister would say only in Garland do farmers wear their cowboy hats to church and leave their dogs in back of their trucks in the church parking lot. Then I would reply by saying only in Lake Point do you let your peacocks, pigs and dogs range free on the streets. It has become this funny joke that goes back and forth when we see something funny. The whole family has got involved. Anyways a few weeks ago we went to Garland for a visit after dinner my dad said let go golfing. He had bought a huge bucket of golf balls and we went to what he calls the "Madsen Driving Range". Yep! Only in Garland do you golf in the pasture with cows, sheep, and tractors. When your done you hop on the 4-wheeler and go and pick up all the 100s of balls you hit. I had to take a picture. What makes it funny is I still have my church clothes on. It was super fun and made for some good laughs. Especially when my dad was taking a picture of his four kids and I just about nailed him with a golf ball. It went right threw his legs. Hah Hah! I have never been the "sportsey" type of girl. Who would have thought Right?   Look closely in the pictures can you see the sheep and cows?

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