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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jake's Graduation and Ty's 3rd Birthday!

          My Brother Jake and sister in law Sam both graduated from Utah State University with their BSN on May 5. It was fun to celebrate with them on this big accomplishment. My little brother and Sam are headed to Philadelphia to Temple University this summer for Dental school. I am super excited for him but also a bit sad to see my only sibling leave for 8 years.
       It was also Tyson 3rd Birthday! We started the day by letting Ty open one present. It was wooden train set and he has had so much fun with it. Then we headed to Logon for the graduation. It was ironic that Jake graduated on May 5 and it was Ty's birthday and they got to spend the day together. Because Jake and Ty share a special bond. 3 years ago Jake had just returned home from a two year mission for our church and had flew to San Francisco to spend time with me. I had a emergency c-section 2 days after he had arrived and he was the only one from my family there. I was scared and he was in the delivery room with me. He was the first family member to see Tyson even before me. Tyson adores Jake and talks about him all the time.
Later that evening we ate dinner at Blue Bird restaurant to celebrate and my mom had cute cupcakes made to celebrate the grads and the Birthday boy. We got home late! But thought it would be fun to let Ty have a sleep over with his mom and dad. He love it!

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