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Monday, May 21, 2012

Tyson Graduates!

These pictures are from the day he finished play and Learn Pre-school. It was crazy to drop my 2 year old off at pre-school 2 days a week. But seeing his face as he walked out of class holding what he made was so worth it. It helped him so much.

Tyson graduated for DDI Play n' learn Preschool and gym class. DDI has been a huge blessing for us. Tyson has been with DDI since he was 1 month old and so we have seen them for 3 years. They have been the nicest therapist we have seen. We especially love Shay are OT. They didn't have a PT so we got Shay. I feel like she was Tyson's grandma. She never doubted him. She was always positive! She always would come with new things to try to get him to walk. I contribute a lot of his walking success to her. Ty would get so excited to see her. I am grateful she believed in him and never doubted his ability. The week Ty turned 3 was a bitter sweet because all his many activities ended. Once he turns three DDI state funded program will no longer see him. He transfers to the school district pre-school. Which he starts in the fall. No more 3 hours of pre-school per week, or gymnastics class or 2 hours therapy a week. It was bitter sweet to say are goodbyes. Its hard to say goodbye to the people who helped make such a difference in his life. He made so many cute things and learned so much and I am grateful for kind loving therpist..

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Claire Evenson said...

YAY FOR HIM! That is such a huge accomplishment! I love all your pictures and that adorable dress! Where did you get it?